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Leavenworth Historical Wayside Tour

Leavenworth, the "First City of Kansas", invites you to take a
walk back in time and explore the history of "Where the West Began" by visiting our new Historic Wayside Tour, opening June 10.

Waysides are interactive displays located throughout Leavenworth that feature unique local artwork depicting images of significant historical people, structures or events associated with that site. State-of-the-art digital technology allows you to hear a recorded narrative with the mere push of a button. There are 13 Waysides located in the riverfront downtown area that can be experienced as a walking tour as well as six Waysides as a driving tour. In addition, there are Waysides located at the north and south entrances on Highway 7/73.

From Abraham Lincoln, to Buffalo Bill Cody, to Susan B. Anthony, to the Star of the West Saloon, to the Underground Railroad, to our African-American "Unsung Heroes", we know you will be captivated by Leavenworth's abundant history. The citizens of Leavenworth, past and present, are eager to share their warm hospitality and unique history and heritage with you.

Call 1-800-844-4114 for a Wayside brochure and map. You can also pick one up at the Chamber of Commerce or the Welcome Centers located at the north and south entrances to town on 4th Street Trafficway. We have provided the Wayside Brochure On-line. Click here for the Wayside Brochure, 45k
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