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Society Gazette

A quarterly publication for the members of the
Leavenworth County Historical Society.

Volume: 13

Issue: 4

Date: Winter 2003

Administrator's Notes
By: Mark Bureman

     Autumn brings cool temperatures and beautiful leaves to the Carroll Mansion. As 2003 nears its close, we have our last presentations of Living Museum, the Membership Appreciation Reception, and the Christmas Candlelight Homes Tour to complete the events for this year. We have had a good year. Our special events and fund raisers have succeeded both in attendance and income. We have received an unprecedented figure of memorials and bequests in memory of past members. We had a Museum Assessment Program this year and are applying for another this year. This will move us closer to full accreditation by the American Association of Museums. Our curator, Nicole, has brought new ideas, volunteers and enthusiasm to the museum this year. The Victorian Shoppe, under the direction of Hazel May Fackler, continues to bring shoppers and revenue into the museum at a satisfying rate. Our collections volunteers continue to catalog and enter artifacts into museum software. Everhard volunteers have completed one third of the collection.
     With the holiday season fast approaching, we ask you be our guest at the Membership Appreciation Reception on Sunday, December 7 from 3:00 to 6:00 for finger food, punch and wine. One week later we ask you to support the museum by attending the Candlelight Christmas Homes Tour. Better yet, invite friends and relatives to come and see these glorious historic houses and lofts. Bring them and their appetites to the chili supper at beautiful First Presbyterian Church.
     As another year comes to a close, I wish to extend my best holiday wishes to each person involved in our combined effort to recognize the importance of Leavenworth County's rich history.

From the Curator
By: Nicole Y. Dupré

     In the last newsletter I spent a lot of time acknowledging my dedicated volunteers. When I read the published newsletter I realized there is a silent group of volunteers that do not get the recognition they deserve - The Master Gardeners. These ladies come every Wednesday morning and the effort they put in is staggering, especially when you consider that these women have extensive gardens of their own.
     As many of you may (or may not) know, this group is responsible for the Carroll Mansion's Herb Garden and Memorial Rose Garden. Members of the Master Gardener's also give their advice on care of the other plants and gardens surrounding the house. The Master Gardeners are also responsible for many of the public parks, and plantings downtown. They help to beautify this city and we should all remember to thank them. The Herb Garden is filled with herbs that would have been found in a Victorian era kitchen herb garden. I always encourage visitors to stroll though our Herb Garden. When Kansas City School for the Blind visited the students loved the smells and textures found in the Herb Garden.
     Our Memorial Rose Garden is a very special place. Many of our members have honored family and loved ones with a beautiful rose bush. The Master Gardeners honor these special people by their commitment to keeping the rose plants healthy and beautiful for everyone to enjoy, appreciate, and remember.


Christmas Candlelight Homes Tour
By: Ginny Johnson

     Sunday, December 14 is the date for the 12th Annual Christmas Homes Tour. The Tour is open from 1:00 to 8:00pm. We have featured 10 places to visit starting with the decorated Carroll Mansion and another home on Fifth Avenue. Then there are two homes on South Broadway, a farm home on Vilas, an Italianate on 3rd Ave, and a work-in-progress on the house next to the Harvey House.
     For the first time we have an upstairs home on Cherokee and the Abernathy Lofts on 2nd and Seneca. The final place to visit is the Presbyterian Church with the beautiful Tiffany stained glass windows. Chili will be served at the church from 1:00 to 8:00pm for $5 a bowl. We still need desserts for the Chili Supper, so call the museum if you want to make something.
     This is a major fund raiser for the Carroll Mansion and involves many volunteers and we appreciate all their effort. Tickets are $10 in advance and $12.50 on the 14th. Call Mark or Nicole for further information at 682-7759.

2003 LCHS
Board of

Executive Board:
 Wes Ludwig, President
 Ken Bower, Vice-President
 Bob Patzwald, Treasurer
 Frank Carroll III, Executive Member
 Hazel May Fackler, Executive Member

Board Members at large:
 Holly Saunders
 Martha Stephenson
 Matt Nowak
 Bill Johnson
 Susan Jennaway
 Betty Strand
 Kathy Huskey

Mark Bureman, Administrator
Nicole Dupre', Asst Administrator

Museum Wish List

  • Volunteers!
  • Victorian-looking picture frames
  • Ice-cream tables and chairs
  • Fire iron sets
  • Table and floor lamps
  • Wicker furniture
  • Silk ferns or artificial tropical plants

Thank you for your Donation


Joy Kozak
Bud Tordoff

Thank you for your Assistance

Bob Topping
Debra Bates-Lamborn

From the Carroll Mansion to your Home
By: Nicole Y. Dupré

     Normally this column is used for passing along techniques on how to clean, care for, or store your personal "artifacts". This quarter I've decided to provide you with a bibliography of just a few of the sources I use to write this column. These sources include books, periodicals, and websites. I am also including catalog resources so you will have an idea of where to go to purchase some of the supplies. I hope you find this useful!

Buck, Rebecca A. & Jean Allman Gilman, eds. The New Museum Registration Methods. Washington D. C.: American Association of Museums, 1998.
Fisher, Charles E. & Hugh C. Miller eds. Caring for Your Historic House. New York: Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 1998 Schultz, Arthur W. ed. Caring for Your Collections. New York: Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 1992.

History News: Technical Leaflets. American Association for State & Local History

National Park Service's Museum Handbook and Conserve-O-Grams:
Conservation Online

Catalog for Supplies:

Gaylord Library Supplies
P.O. Box 4901
Syracuse, NY 13221-4901

Hollinger Corporation
P.O. Box 8360
Fredericksburg, VA 22404

Light Impressions
P.O. Box 787
Brea, CA 92822-0787

Metal Edge, Inc
6340 Bandini Blvd
Commerce, CA 90040

University Products
517 Main Street
Holyoke, MA 01041-0101


Victorian Shoppe News
By: Hazel May Fackler

     The Victorian Shoppe has been very busy. In August, we had a Porch Sale which proved to be very successful. There were a lot of bargains offered on the porch, and we sold as much inside as we did on the porch. September was the Ice Cream Social. Everyone had lots of fun plus a very profitable day. October was our annual Victorian Shoppe Open House which was a great success. Lots of first time visitors came to shop, tour the museum, and enjoy refreshments. We sold over $900 in less than five hours.
     The Volunteers of the Victorian Shoppe want to thank all of our members for the wonderful support given to us throughout the year. Proceeds from your support have gone to help the Leavenworth County Historical Society. Thank You!!
     We have tried to carry items in the Victorian Shoppe to help with your Christmas shopping needs. Below you'll find a check list of some of these items. We hope you will find this list helpful as you plan your holiday shopping.

Christmas Decorations Christmas Ornaments Christmas Cards
Antique Lace Ornqaments Crystal & Silver Fine China Plares
Framed Prints Handmade Pillows Handmade Porcelain Plates
Lace Linens Picture Frames Silk Shawls
Silver Dresser Sets Silver Serving Pieces Tea Accessories
Tea Cups & Saucers Tea Sets Velvet Gift Bags
Velvet Pillows Victorian Replica Cards Victorian Hats
Victorian Jewelry Children's Games Porcelain Dolls
Teddy Bears Toy Tea Sets Porcelain Dolls
Wooden Rocking Horses Books  


For Floyd Bartlett
Terry & JoAnn Norman

For Donald Lord
J. Biringer Miller Jr.

For Leora Channell
Robert Hrabak


For William Dysinger
Sally Graham

For Anne Sachse
Robert A. Holt

For William "Buck" Jones

Robert Hrabak

Joy Kozak

G.L. & Margaret McHugh

Keneth & Sue Harmon

Sally Graham

Jerome & Lisa Francis

J.M. & Roema Wiles

Johnny & Annie Johnston

Duane & Jerilynn Hendrickson

Robert A. Holt

Paul Jenkins

Joseph & Angela Madenjian

Dewey & Margaret Swift

Lois A. Clark

Crable Van Arsdale Funeral Chapel

Lucile L. Coldren

Marilyn Sue Bogner

Mary Lou Euler

Jacqueline Leonhard

James & Ginny Johnson

Mildred Faye Jones

Dr. William & Dorothy Allen

For John Will

Geraldine Schumacher

Edward & Pamela Bristow

Joy & Julian Reichman

Jeanmarie & Rodney Lively

David & Carol Peterson

James & Lori Norwood

Joy Kozak

Johnny & Annie Johnston

Wesley & Constance Hubert

Laurie & Mike Vossmer

D.A. & Ann Nitchals

Bernadette & Tim Neff

Charles & Mary Supplee

Donald & Mary Giese

Agnes & Larry Vossmer-Meza

Eric & Ann Snodgrass

Willard Wiley

Richard & Wilma Philbrook

Ronald & Sylvia Eustice

Robert & Joy Elliott

Dennis & Judy Schmidling

Charles & Jane Snail

Anne Marie & Phillip Brown

Ted Sexton, Jr.

Betty Phillips

Dorothy Medill

James & Ginny Johnson

Michael & Kathy Goldak

Walter & Barbara Ringel

Paul & Marvel Darrough

Mark & Janet Klasinik

William Aaron

For Paul Jenkins

Jess & Jo Ann Hendricks

COL(R)Robert & Mrs.von Schlemmer

Mark Roby

Sanford & Alice Bushman

Ted Sexton, Jr

Bill & Jody Fleischman

Royal & Bettye Brown

Roadway Express

Joy & Julian Reichman

Mrs. Arthur J. Stanley, Jr

Richard & Wilma Philbrook

Carolyn S. Lane

Homer & Bertha Cory

Joyce Ransom

COL (R)William & Mrs. Bartholdt

Research Files
By: Wanda Holder

     Requests for information this year have averaged two per week, mostly through E-mail. Subjects addressed include: the German community called Cincinnati and Goosetown, the Kansas State Protective Home on 5th Avenue, C. W. Parker's shooting galleries, Stockton Hall, prohibition, Girl Scouts, Salem Reform Church, Great Western Stove Company, Abernathy Furniture Co., Klemp Furniture Co., Carnegie Building, North Broadway School, and a number of family names and historic houses.

Ice Cream Social a Huge Success
By: Sue Gervasini

     A grand time was had by all at the annual Ice Cream Social and September 7th turned out to be a glorious day for the annual event. Over 400 guests were treated to homemade pies, cakes and Dairy Queen ice cream to the accompaniment of a brass band, a barbershop quartet, Victorian music, and a recorder recital. There were bunnies available for cuddling, a magician performing tricks for the children, and beautiful antique cars on display.
     There were even game tables set up for checker and domino enthusiasts. Several of the C. W. Parker carousel horses were on display as were some of the Everhard photos. The trivial contest is always a fun event, educational too!
     If you weren't there this year, you missed out on a good time and we hope to see you next year. For those who did attend, thanks for coming and helping make this day a success!!


November 27, 28, 29, 30 - Museum Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday
Sunday, December 7 - Membership Reception at the Carroll Mansion 3:00pm - 6:00pm
Sunday, December 14 - Candlelight Vintage Homes Tour 1:00pm - 8:00pm
Tuesday, December 20 - Museum Closes for the Holidays


Tuesday, February 3 - Museum Reopens
Friday March 12- Annual Membership Dinner
Saturday, May 1- Herb Market
Sunday, September 12 - Ice Cream Social
Thursday, October 14 - 3rd Annual Victorian Shoppe Open House
Monday, December 6- Leavenworth County Historical Society's 50th Anniversary
Sunday, December 12 - Candlelight Vintage Homes Tour

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