The museum engages in a number of activities besides opening the house for tours. These activities are either educational or social in nature.

The primary educational activity is the "Living Museum" program for fourth grade students. This popular program was developed in 1975 by the then president and a volunteer who had written a similar presentation for a Virginia Museum. The Program follows the activities OCCURRING in an 1890's house. There are a number of characters portrayed, from the father, to the cook. Each character talks to the children in character. For instance, the cook describes her modern kitchen with its ice box and washing machine. Volunteers portray each part. This program is attended by most of the 4th grade classes in Leavenworth County each year.

The Living Museum is produced 20 times a year for all Leavenworth County 4th grade Students free of charge. The average attendance for the last few years has been over 1,000 students each year. The living museum has been featured in the local press many times, and in regional publications such as Kanhistique, Kansas Magazine!, and on KCTV-Channel Five News. This regional coverage speaks volumes for the quality and impact of this educational program.

A Christmas tradition is the Tour of Homes held the second Sunday in December. Each year, up to 10 members of the Vintage Homes Society of Leavenworth open their homes to allow the public to see some of Leavenworth's beautiful vintage homes decorated for the holiday season. The Vintage Homes Society donates the money made from this event to the Historical Society.

Another event is the Herb Market, held the first Saturday of May. This market features herbs, vintage vegetables, scented geraniums and everlasting plants as well as gardening books, clay pots, statuary, herbal vinegars and herb baked goods. 2001 will be the market's 7th year.

The Society also participates in several off-site activities. The Historical Society has had display booths at the Leavenworth Riverfest and other local celebrations.


Herb Market


Homes Tour