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The rich history and heritage of the Leavenworth-Lansing and Fort Leavenworth community is closely tied to it's sister river towns of Atchison, Kansas and Weston, Missouri. Located in close proximity, the three combine to form the vivid tapestry that is "THE RIVER CONNECTION".

Many riverboats tied up at the Leavenworth levee in the city's early days. One was the "Lewella," photographed about 1880, bedecked with tree
boughs in celebration of the Fourth of July,
and selling ice cream and lemonade
from a stand near the vessel's bow.

Located just 45 minutes northwest of Kansas City, these three communities are eager to share their warm hospitality and unique history and heritage. So be prepared to 'STEP BACK IN TIME' to the 19th century and learn how our forefathers played important roles in the development of the western United States.

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The RIVER CONNECTION Tour is a great way for you and yours to spend a couple of days or a family weekend. A multitude of interesting historical attractions, sites and experiences are available daily and spending more than a day is a definite must to capture the true flavor of our communities. We suggest an overnight stay at one of Leavenworth or Lansing's motels and then you can "spoke" out and experience the rich historic tapestry that is, the RIVER CONNECTION.

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