Cyber Kids


Ft. Leavenworth


Kansas City

The First Class

  • Introduction to computers
    • This is just a quick look at how computers work
  • How do Web pages work?
    • Web pages work by using many conected computers to create the Internet
    • On these computers you can put files called HTML files (This is the "Web Page")
    • When a person types an address into their Web browser (Internet Explorer, or Netscape) it takes them to a computer
      • Think of this address like your address at home.
      • Instead of putting 311 WIlliams Road, Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027 all you have to put is
      • This postal system works a lot faster than the one we use for mail!
    • When the person reaches the computer they are looking for it open the HTML file
    • If you want to go somewhere else just type in the address and the proccess starts all over again
  • What kind of stuff does it take to make a Web page?
    • Making a Web page is just like creating a computer game and writting a letter all in one
    • You need to have a program that knows what you are doing
      • Like you may use Microsoft Word for Windows to write stuff we use Corel Web Developer to write this Web page
      • Corel makes writting this page as simple as using Microsoft Power- Point
    • In some cases you will need to know certain "codes" to do things that Corel Web Developer cannot do for you
  • Where is the Cyber Kids Web Page?
  • What things can I add to the Web page?
    • Because this is a serious Web page you can't add:
      • TV show things
      • Anything that uses inappropriate language
      • A Descent page
      • A page about yourself
      • etc...
    • You are only limited by your imagination (and the list above) as to what you can add
    • Durring class I will let you get in groups and decide what topics you will work on for the next five classes