Dear Friend of Deaf Learning!

I hope you will join us, the Leavenworth Friends of Deaf Learning, in making a contribution to the futures of fifteen deaf students here in Leavenworth, Kansas.

As you know, deaf students pursue their education with the same full range of abilities and enthusiasm as does every young person. What most of us seldom think of, however, is the extent to which deaf students must rely on visual learning. As I write you this letter, the pupils at Ben Day School have no computer technology available to them in their classrooms.

Think for a moment what this means in today's world. At their school, these pupils cannot study hands-on computer basics. They cannot benefit from software created for deaf learning, with its strong reliance on visual communication. And, in their classroom, they cannot take advantage of all the resources and communication opportunities waiting for them on the Internet.

We would like your help in changing this. Our modest goal is to provide these students with a few nicely equipped computers, so that they can tap the many opportunities to learn and communicate which computer technology offers. Our volunteers are waiting to provide free training in computer basics, software applications and the Internet. So many doors will open, and it will happen so fast!

The local public school system lacks the funds to purchase computers for the students of Ben Day School, where all of the local deaf students study. Our organization will not duplicate services or purchase equipment which could be otherwise furnished by the local public school system.

Please join us in giving these students every opportunity for a bright future. You will be doing more than just opening doors for them--you will be making it possible for them to open their own doors, shape their own futures, and build a better community.

Thank you.

P.S. The Leavenworth Friends of Deaf Learners is a non-profit 501c corporation. A mail-in slip is enclosed for your convenience.


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