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Carroll Mansion
1128 5th Avenue

A visit to this museum is an experience into the past. You will enter a Victorian home built in 1867. It features elaborate handcrafted woodwork throughout the house, beautiful stained glass windows and elegant antiques from the Victorian age era to the early 20th century.

The museum gift shop allows the visitor to browse through a variety of Leavenworth and Kansas memorabilia and books on the history of Leavenworth, Kansas. A variety of Victorian style gifts can be found also.

The museum is only one of the activities of the historical society. The Leavenworth County Historical Society was founded in 1954 to research and preserve an accurate history on the area, to encourage pride in the achievements of Leavenworth pioneers, and to stimulate interest in local history.

The mansion is open May through August, Monday through Saturday, 10:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Sunday, 1 - 4:30 p.m.; September through April, daily 1 - 4:30 p.m. Closed in January and major holidays. Admission is charged.

For more information on museum activities and the historical society, contact (913) 682-7759 during operating hours.

Carnegie Arts Center
5th and Walnut


The Leavenworth Carnegie Arts Center is located in the oldest library building in Kansas. Built in 1900, the building housed the Leavenworth Public Library until March 1987. Today this private, non-profit organization offers the community fine art instruction in music, visual art, dance, drama and the humanities. The Stacks Gallery host regional and national artists year round that are free and open to the public. Office and gallery hours are Tuesday - Thursday 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Saturdays 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. and evenings when classes are held. Call 913-651-0765 for more information or visit the website for an on-line class listing at: www.leavenwortharts.org.

Richard Allen Cultural Center of Bethel A.M.E. Church
412 Kiowa

The Richard Allen Cultural Center (Museum) opened its doors on July 19, 1992 - across the street from the historic Bethel Church which was part of the Underground Railroad.

The center offers a glimpse into the history of African-Americans locally and nationwide. It was created to ensure that the rich heritage of African-Americans and their profound effect on American society would not be lost. The center is dedicated to researching, collecting, preserving and disseminating the history of African-Americans. Visitors and school children can learn about the accomplishments of African-Americans as well as view memorabilia from General Colin Powell, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff--Buffalo Soldiers, uniforms, freedom papers from former slaves, photographs, items from old Bethel Church, etc.

Our mission and purpose is to educate the public about the rich history of African-Americans and their contributions to every phase of American life. Hours are Tuesday and Thursday, 1:00 p.m. -3:00 p.m.; Saturday, 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m., (913) 682-8772, admission charged.


Leavenworth Historical Wayside Tour

Leavenworth, the "First City of Kansas", invites you to take a walk back in time and explore the history of "Where the West Began" by visiting our new Historic Wayside Tour, opening June 10.

Waysides are interactive displays located throughout Leavenworth that feature unique local artwork depicting images of significant historical people, structures or events associated with that site. State-of-the-art digital technology allows you to hear a recorded narrative with the mere push of a button. There are 13 Waysides located in the riverfront downtown area that can be experienced as a walking tour as well as six Waysides as a driving tour. In addition, there are Waysides located at the north and south entrances on Highway 7/73.

From Abraham Lincoln, to Buffalo Bill Cody, to Susan B. Anthony, to the Star of the West Saloon, to the Underground Railroad, to our African-American "Unsung Heroes", we know you will be captivated by Leavenworth's abundant history. The citizens of Leavenworth, past and present, are eager to share their warm hospitality and unique history and heritage with you.

Call 1-800-844-4114 for a Wayside brochure and map. You can also pick one up at the Chamber of Commerce or the Welcome Centers located at the north and south entrances to town on 4th Street Trafficway. We have provided the Wayside Brochure On-line. Click here for the Wayside Brochure, 45k

Frontier Army Museum
Reynolds Avenue, Fort Leavenworth


This unique museum focuses on the theme of "Fort Leavenworth's Role in Westward Expansion," and exhibits one of the finest collections of horse-drawn carriages in the nation. The visitor will see the carriage that Abraham Lincoln traveled in when he visited Leavenworth; the sleigh owned and used by George Custer when he was stationed at Fort Leavenworth; and a Prairie Schooner which dates from 1790. A recent addition is a full-sized 1917 JN4D "Jenny" Bi-plane

The gift shop in the museum has a variety of souvenirs, from mugs to original watercolors for purchase.

For tour information, call (913) 682-4113; Museum (913) 684-3191; Gift Shop (913) 651-7440. Open Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.; Saturday, 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.; Sunday and Holidays, Noon to 4:00 p.m.; Closed Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving and Easter. Free Admission, Donations Accepted. Visit http://leav-www.army.mil/museum/

Fort Leavenworth

Established in 1827, this is the oldest Army fort in continuous operation west of the Mississippi River. Branches of the Oregon and Santa Fe trails traverse the fort. Some of the highlights of the fort include are the National Cemetery, the Command and General Staff College, the Memorial Chapel, the Main Post Chapel, and many historic buildings. Among these is the Rookery which is the oldest residence in Kansas. Also notable are the old canons overlooking the beautiful scenery and view of the Missouri River from the bluffs.

Buffalo Soldier Monument
Fort Leavenworth


Was dedicated in 1992 to the memory of the 9th & 10th Cavalry Regiments comprised of black soldiers. Headquartered in Louisiana and Leavenworth, Kansas, these troopers proved their bravery and valor throughout the Indian Wars. They won the respect of the Cheyenne warriors who named them "Buffalo Soldiers," a badge of honor accepted and worn with pride by these black cavalry troopers.

The project, initiated by General Colin Powell, was dedicated in July 1992 and is open to the public.

Saint Mary College
4100 South 4th Street Trafficway


A private four-year college located across the street from the Veterans Administration Center. The College's administration building, St. Mary Hall, was completed in 1870.

Visitors are welcomed to visit the De Paul Library's Special Collections: The Sacred Scripture Collection, the Abraham Lincoln Collection, the Charles Dickens Collection, Hummel Collection, the Shakespeare Collection and the Kansas Collection. The college's park-like grounds include a wildlife preserve.

To schedule a free tour of the Special Collections, call the De Paul Library, (913) 758-6306

Dwight D. Eisenhower
Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center

4101 South 4th Street Trafficway


While visiting the Veterans Administration Center and its grounds, you will want to see the Chapel of the Veteran's. The chapel, built in 1893, features architecture reminiscent of the early European cathedrals. In 1921, this attraction was made famous in Ripley's "Believe It or Not" as the only church in which Protestant and Catholic services were conducted simultaneously.

It is open year round from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., except during weddings or funerals.

Performing Arts Center
500 Delaware


Placed on the National Register of Historic Places, this 1938 theatre is a wonderful architectural example of the later phase of the Art Deco movement. Formally called the Hollywood Theater, this structure entertained the public on its silver screen for nearly forty years. Donated to the city by Durwood, Inc., former owners, in 1977, this theater now hosts live performances by Leavenworth's River City Community Players. Visit the Official RCCP Web Site.

Contact the Leavenworth-Lansing Convention & Visitors Bureau for a schedule of upcoming performances, (913) 682-4113.



First City Museum
209 Delaware


Collection of early frontier memorabilia and artifacts including buggies and cutters that were manufactured in Leavenworth. Currently also houses a 1913 C. W. Parker Carousel, made in Leavenworth (in the process of restoration), possibly the olderst primitive carousel in the United States, a mock-up of the United States Penitentiary, plus other prison memorabilia.

The museum is open Thursdays & Fridays Noon - 4:00 p.m. and Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. For special visits or tours please call (913) 682-1866 or 800-844-4114. Visit www.firstcitymuseums.org

Leavenworth Landing Park

The Leavenworth Landing Park, located on the Missouri River, revives one of the major river landing sites where boats loaded and unloaded travelers and freight. The design of the Leavenworth Landing Park focuses on the role of Leavenworth as the "Gateway to the West", with emphasis on the various modes of transportation that led to the growth of Leavenworth as the major jumping off point for settlers heading west. The park includes a walking trail, sculptures of a steam locomotive and Conestoga wagon, plaza areas depicting a railroad round house and steamship paddle wheel, river overlooks, landscaping and parking areas. The Leavenworth Landing Park is designed to provide a beautiful, relaxing place to view the Missouri River, enjoy a walk along its banks, and provide a great place for family fun.

Open daily to the public.

Berlin Wall Monument

This monument memorializes the historic barrier that separated West and East Berlin during the Cold War. AFter the destruction of the Berlin Wall in 1989, concrete sections were given to President Ronald Reagan by the U.S. Commander of the Berlin Brigade. Three sections were subsequently donated to Fort Leavenworth because of the worldwide influence of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College.

The design of the memorial expresses three themes: a "falling position" representing the crumbling of the Wall; a horizontal position representing the Wall's destruction; and a vertical position representing that democracy stands.

Directions: North on Grant Avenue, right on Stimson Avenue, right on Bundel Road to the Grove of Regiments. This monument site is located outside and is open daily. Call 800-844-4114 for more information.


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