When someone calls to inquire about your vehicle, as soon as you pick up the phone you should have two things in mind.

  1. You want to weed out those callers who you don't feel are really serious about buying your vehicle.

  2. If there is someone who really does sound interested, you want to do everything you can to get them to come out and see your vehicle.

Listed below is a list of tasks you must complete when you speak to a prospective buyer.

Get the caller's name and address:
After saying "Hello," the first thing you want to do is get the prospective buyer's name and phone number. If someone is a serious buyer, they will give you this information. Having their name and number will allow you to call them back if they miss an apointment or to follow up on a good visit. Don't go further if they won't give you this information.
Control the conversation:
When selling your car, you must become a salesperson; don't allow the customer to interrogate you. You want to be the one asking the questions and providing the information. Of course, you shouldn't be untruthful; however, it is entirely appropriate to hype your car's good points while downplaying it's bad ones. Continually emphasise that your car is a great one. Save any of the car's problems for when you meet face-to-face.
Have a good reason for selling:
Never indicate that you are selling the car because you think that your car is of the age when mechanical problems arise. If need be, create a viable reason for selling the car.
Discover the buyer's need:
As you speak to the potential buyer, concentrate on finding out what his or her needs are. Never forget that you have transformed into a salesperson; as such, you should always try to sell the car based on what the buyer is looking for. If she is looking for an "'old reliable," bill your car as such. If they are looking for a "fun to drive car," emphasize what an awesome car you are selling.
Talk up the car:
Tell the caller that the ad you placed has recieved a lot of attention. Implying that the car is a hot item will encourage the seller to come out as quickly as possible, and will also give you more strength in your negotiating position.
Don't discuss pricing:
If at all possible, don't discuss the car's price over the phone. Stress that it's a great car and that you are sure you could arrive at a price reasonable to both of you. Of course, if you are pressed, say what the price is - but emphasize that you are willing to negotiate.
Schedule potential buyers close together. Having a lot of people show up at the same time will give the impression that the car is in demand.

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