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The Carroll Mansion
Home of the Leavenworth County Historical Society
Leavenworth KS 66048

Abbreviated History of the House

June 17, 1857 - David Day sells lots 8, 9, & 10 to William R. Marshall for $1.00

July 3, 1858 - William and Abbey Marshall sell the property to John M. and Letitia Foster for $900.00

August 18, 1876 - John M. and Letitia Foster sell the property to Major David Taylor for $6,100.00.

August 21, 1882 - Mary Manning (formerly Mary F. Taylor, widow of Majopr David Taylor) sells the property to Lucien Scott for $5,200.00.

November 28, 1887 - Lucien and Julia Hoffman Scott sell the property to Edward Carroll for $20,500.00.

March 6, 1917 - Edward Carroll dies. House passes to his widow Mary and surviving children.

April 10, 1929 - Carroll heirs pass title to Ella V. Carroll and Mary Agnes Carroll.

December 1, 1956 - Mary Agnes Carroll dies.

June 16, 1964 - Ella V. Carroll donates the house and property to the Leavenworth County Historical Society for a museum.

June 19, 1965 - Carroll Mansion opens as a museum.

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