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Questions you may be asked by potential buyers
Here is a list of some questions you should expect from a potential buyer. Go over the answers we have included; you should answer each of their questions in a smooth and polished fashion.
Q: How long has the car been up for sale?
Don't tell the buyer how many weeks or days the car has been for sale. Stress that it hasn't been up for sale very long and that many people have come to look at it.
Q: What's wrong with the car?
Don't disclose the car's entire history of mechanical problems. Be circumspect in your answers. While you shouldn't lie to the seller, never volunteer information that isn't explicitly asked of you. The longer you stress that it's a great car, the higher the chances are that the buyer will become attached to the idea of owning the car.
Q: How much are you asking for the car?
The key here is to have the buyer make the first offer. Say something like "Oh, I don't know, how much do you think a car like this is worth?" If the buyer offers an amount that is greater than what you expected, great - you can probably negotiate for an even higher price. If the buyer lowballs the car, flinch in surprise. Emphasise that his figure is wildly unacceptable.Of course, don't even begin to discuss price until you have determined that the buyer is serious about buying the car.
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