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Some considerations when deciding to sell your car yourself
If, instead of trading in your old car, you decide to sell it yourself, you could be saving yourself a huge amount of money. Usually, if you trade the car in, you won't get much more than its trade-in value. By selling it yourself, you will probably be able to sell it for an amount that is somewhere close to market value. So, as far as price is concerned, selling the car yourself is the best way to go. Of course, there are some disadvantages as well. Here's a list:
When you place an ad in the newspaper for your car, you are inviting people to call you and come out to see the car. You never know who might show up. Because you really can't screen who will show up at your door, it is a good idea to always meet people who come to look at the car with a friend. There is safety in numbers. When evaluating the car with a potential buyer or taking a test drive, make sure you have someone else around. However, when placing an ad on the Leavenworth & Lansing Auto Exchange you can provide only an e-mail address and avoid all safety hazards.
Selling your car will take a lot of your time. You will have to speak to lots of people over the phone or answer numerous e-mails. Buyers will come to see the car and ask you lots and lots of questions. One way to save time is to think of some questions you might be asked and write down a list of those answers. That list may include:
Maintenance history (i.e. tune-ups, oil change, tire rotation, etc. and dates)
Parts replacement (i.e. alternator, starter, muffler, etc. with dates)
Specifications (i.e. cruise control, electric doors/windows, sun roof, etc.)
General car historyThe opportunity to make a better profit by selling the car yourself is proven, however, remember it will take time and energy. Your time may end up being worth thousands of dollars at the end of this experience.
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